"Off to War"

How simple could it be to ask her to wait for me?

That’s the question I ask myself, when I’m by myself,

“how simple would it have been to ask her to wait for me?”

that’s was all she required

not a ring

not a promise

not any special gifts or words

she simply requested that I, repeat the words she had already spoken

“tell me to wait for you”

but I couldn’t, in fact part of me refused to regurgitate her words

I just couldn’t allow the words to spew from the inside of me

Even though you could smell them seeping from my pores

everything in me needed everything in her

but I knew that I was going somewhere that I could possibly not return from

and rather than have her clutching her pillow tight every night longing for me

I chose to say, “Goodbye.”

I never returned after I left, I am still as in love with her today as I was that day

so daily I battle myself

daily I wage war against the person I wanted to be for her

and the person I have allowed myself to become

my aim during target practice is my very own heart

I refuse to love again

I refuse to feel out of control again

I refuse to need someone again

I didn’t ask her to wait not because I was afraid that she would stay

but because I knew I couldn’t live with myself if she one day choose to left

I fight a war I can never win

by: Boyace Jajuan Pope

Boyace is a writer living in Winterville, North Carolina

Follow his work here: http://themusingsofboyace.tumblr.com/ 

Purchase his Novella, Matter in My Heart here:



Meet Keieria Rudolph, a graduate of Anniston High School who decided to continue her studies at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. Like most entering freshman, she was a bit indecisive about her career choice, but wanted a sense of solidarity and organization, so she chose early childhood education. However, after spending three years in Atlanta, the 20-year-old fell in love with the eccentric culture permeating the atmosphere and decided to change her major to fashion merchandising. 

Rudolph explained the transition from education to fashion as a “power move,” and her accomplishments solidify that statement. She’s worked with the industries’ top fashion stylists in fashion shows, led major fashion projects at the university and now she’s in Milan, Italy, studying for four months at Istituo Europeo di Design. Her courses will provide her with a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry, and enable her to delve into the fashion culture with locals, which will supplement the knowledge she gets in the classroom.

Most of her time will be spent with her studies, but she will attend cultural field trips in Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice. In her spare time, Rudolph plans to travel to London, England, and Paris, France, while documenting her travels with photos and developing a business plan for a boutique that she plans to open in the future. 

The outfits above aren’t examples of new fashions or trends. They’re merely a reflection of her character and creativity. The different colors, patterns, and accessories correlate well and add a sense of freshness to each look. Being able to put together a stylish outfit is like having the ability to paint or play an instrument. It’s innate and only gets better with time. Everyone isn’t able to grasp the concept of style, so you have to give credit where it’s due, when the craft is perfected. These looks may be an aberration for some, but on the streets in Milan, this is everyday life. She’s comfortable in her skin, wearing each outfit with confidence, and not worried about the perceptions of others. My friends, this is what the art of dressing is all about. 








By James Montgomery

James Montgomery is a graduate of Anniston High School and a student at the University of Alabama majoring in American Studies and English.

Stylist: Tresston Ray, business student at Jacksonville State University 

  photography by www.ryansherrod.com

"As Autumn Falls" By Dominic Zinn

Songs and poems about autumn leaves or snow-filled winters are not difficult to come by this time of year. Pumpkins will be carved. Wreaths will be hung. Families and friends will gather for large holiday dinners and gift exchanges. 

But these comforts hardly mask a time we know to be, quite literally, cold and dark. For every poem that paints the season as vibrant and stimulating, there is another that portrays autumn as a time of slow withering, leading to the cold death of winter.

This year, why not leave poetry to the poets and decide for yourself what autumn will be?

Pack away the bikinis and find a style that expresses who you will be this season. Have no fear of mixing old and new. A fresh scarf or jacket may just be all you need to breath new life into your wardrobe. Function is the precursor of fashion. Staying comfortable and warm is the natural first step toward staying sharp and stylish.

Let poets say what they will of the cold. A little chill just reminds people with style of how alive they really are. 

Dominic Zinn is a writer and musician living in Los Angeles. 



Tresston Ray is an artist attending Jacksonville State University.



Cornellious Tillman is a Stylist living in Anniston, Alabama. 






Paula Valle is a photographer and owner of Cvalle Studios. She is a senior at Jacksonville State University. 


Jade Patton is a freelance model. Follow her work here: https://www.facebook.com/Dakota.Jade.Modeling

Photography by  www.ryansherrod.com

"Eye See Beauty" By Antwaun Washington


 ”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

"Peace" by Antwaun Washington

Antwaun Washington is a student at Jacksonville State University 

"Simplicity Matters"

Embracing simplicity with clothing discovers the sophistication and elegance we all need to supplement our style and appearance. Choosing a simple outfit exemplifies that approach and is sometimes more refreshing than an outfit that is really eccentric. However, Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here; I love to see a person creatively express his character through clothing with loud colors or whatever he feels comfortable wearing. But, the simple things in life matter too. So, to present our opinion on what a “simple” outfit is, we hooked up with our stylish friend and delved into his closet to put together a few fresh looks.











“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci 

Photography by www.ryansherrod.com

Our Philosophy


Welcome to Enstyleclopedia, a platform to help people with taste discover a different side of today’s creative culture. Our mission is to expose our audience to the newest talents, working their way up the art world’s diverse outlets. Expression comes in many forms, and we don’t focus on just one.

Visitors can explore new projects in Fashion, Art and Music before they hit the mainstream radar. Our World Journal gives a unique look at underground news and events to keep our audience in the know. Enstyleclopedia takes you down the avenues of the online city. There are no borders or boundaries, and the streets are not always clearly labeled. It’s easy to get lost, and we’re here to help navigate.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Made in America" Fall/Winter 2012

U.S. Manufacturing is much more profound then the actual production of a product. It means to always make a product of quality regardless of how much recognition is received or what the new trend proposes. When I became interested in design, I wanted to know how to create a timeless product with the resources surrounding me, and that’s the philosophy each of these brands share. They source fabrics from all over the world, but they design and produce in their own factories or with other local manufactures domestically.

 Another great thing about U.S. manufacturing is that if you have an inquiry about your product, you can call directly to the office or factory of these designers and have your questioned answered by them personally, without going through tons of representatives. Furthermore, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience gained from working with this project, and this is the first of many. So, in the meantime, peruse the websites of these companies and purchase some great products.








Photography by www.ryansherrod.com

Frank Clegg Leather Works x Jack Robie x Graham Withers Clothing

"Made in America" Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook 

  • Shirt by Jack Robie
  • Necktie by Graham Withers Clothing
  • iPad Case by Frank Clegg Leather Works




Full project coming soon!

-Jarrod Cuthrell in the Merril Business Building at Jacksonville State University-

Photography by www.ryansherrod.com

Enstyleclopedia x Nick Hilton


The fall season has finally arrived, and it’s my favorite time of the year. Vibrant color and layering always combine to make a nice outfit. One of my most recent projects was to pick out my favorite pieces for the Fall/Winter season and style them for an upcoming magazine. The issue will release later this month, but I’ll be posting some of my favorite looks here on the site. 

Sports coats have been a part of my wardrobe for some time now. So, when the time came for me to choose this piece, I wanted to work with the best. I teamed up with Nick Hilton out of Princeton, New Jersey on his Fall line of jackets and took the photo-shoot to my hometown down south. The Hilton legacy dates all the way to 1888. Since then, Nick has carried the legacy and produce nothing but quality with his clothing.  


Photography by www.ryansherrod.com